Car themed slot machines

As I am the owner of a car broker and have also invested in a couple of online casinos, I could not get away with not discussing my other hobby; playing on car themed slot machines. I love to do this especially when I can get my hands on some free spins, but even when I can’t I enjoy these casino games quite a lot. In fact, let me review a couple of games for you that I am sure you can find no deposit free spins for. This way you can try them for free and get a chance to win some real money.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem by NetEnt

Get ready to dive into the world of the fast and the furious with this slot by NetEnt that can make you up to 750.000 coins. You can do this by betting 15 cents up to €75 per spin. You can choose the level and the coin value yourself, but the amount of paylines is set on 15. In this game you’ll race with Twitch, Hamaki, and Bruiser. Let’s hope the first one wins, because he will get you the highest profits.

Hotline casino game by NetEnt

With this game you can win up to 60.000 coins, but you get all the more excitement. This game is not just about race cars, but also about two cops that are going after a beautiful lady that has just stolen some very expensive jewellery. You can decide who you want to be in this story, as long as you end up with the big prize. You get 30 paylines to attempt this and you can bet 15 cents to €150 per round. Along the ride you might encounter free spins, re-spins and bonuses, but only if you race well enough.

Car Run by iSoftBet

During this game you can win 2.500 times your original stake. This might not seem like a lot compared to the modern video slots above, but when you take into account that this is basically a fruit machine, you’ll see that this is actually quite good. For a fruit machine, it’s quite special as it only has symbols related to cars and it consists of 5 rolls with 3 rows each. You will however notice that all the game rules are displayed on the first screen and the game has no extras. Exactly like a fruity fruit machine and great for a change.

Taxi Driver by Holland Power Gaming

Now this is something you don’t see every day. First of all, the provider of this game is one I had never heard of before playing this game. Now I just want to see more of it. This theme is brilliantly thought out, as most people have used a taxi before and a lot of them have even imagined the dangers of this profession. Luckily, you will only get to see the good experiences in this casino slot and if you are lucky, you might even win 10.000 coins.

Boost Racers by Gaming1

If you like Formula 1 and, more specifically, grid girls, you’ll love this slot machine. The game will be started by grid girl and you might even get lucky if she offers you a bonus. You can also get a nice pole position if your motor runs quick enough. You can wager 20 cents to €25 per round for this game that has a nice extra; it adapts to your language. So if your first language isn’t English, you won’t ever have to worry about game rules anymore.