Welcome to Cooks Motor Ltd.


First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Cooks and I am the founder and sole owner of Cooks Motor Ltd. located in Newcastle. I am a mechanic by trade but stopped repairing cars when I discovered the stock market. Once I considered myself with the stock market I founded Cooks Motor Ltd. with the capital that I had accumulated on the stock market. I loves trading at eToro. Read an Online etoro review for more information. I am proud to be able to say that Cooks Motor Ltd. is a profitable business with no debts. Also, you can learn more about the specific trading methods. Learn more about Think or Swim by trying to trade some Forex on the go.

Cooks Motor Ltd. is also one of the majority shareholders in several online casinos like the mr green casino (famous for its no deposit bonus), the sportsbook and casino comeon casino (famous for its freespins).
Game development companies and many other types of companies within the online casino industry are also featured in the cooks motor investment portfolio.

Cooks Motor Ltd. specialises in brokering luxury cars on the international market. We broker all types of cars from classic cars to the absolutely latest models.

We deal with all types of clients from all over the world. Royalty from Saudi Arabia, Real estate tycoon’s, casino owners and the list just goes on and on. If you happen to be looking for a special type of car then please do get in touch with us today and we can without a doubt help you get what you want and no matter where in the world you may be located.

We have flown Rolls Royce Phantom’s on privately chartered Boeing 747 airplanes from the United Kingdom all the way to Dubai, Saudi Arabia. Other missions that we have taken on and successfully completed include acquiring a Koenigsegg Regera on behalf of a client in Auckland, New Zealand and then later shipping it to the client via specially constructed container that was accompanied all the way to Auckland by Cooks Motor Ltd. personnel.

Get in touch with us today so you can have the car of your dreams!


Kind Regards,

Thomas Cooks